Our Story

Since the time of the Mayas, cocoa has been revered as sacred. Known as the “Food of the Gods”, it is today as integral to Nicaragua geology as the lakes, mountains and volcanoes.
At Ingemann Chocolate we seek quality in purity by turning exclusive heirloom beans of Nicaragua into fine chocolate.
Experience tells us that doing as little as possible can make the most of something. The genetics of our trees, quality of our raw ingredients and dedicated craft helps us create unique flavor profiles purely by using some of the World’s most flavorful cocoa beans.
By working directly with our farmers, our beans can be traced back to every farm we work with. That’s why we call our chocolate tree-to-bar.
Based in Nicaragua, we are actively engaged in the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the country. Having planted more than one million cocoa trees, we are supporting the reforestation of Nicaragua and preserving the proud cocoa traditions.
We believe what goes around comes around. That’s why we also help our farmers produce the finest cocoa beans by offering them training and assistance in all aspects of the production. This ensures the best possible working conditions and allows us to make chocolate as it should be.

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